LG VideoWall display panels with an even bezel of just 0.44mm.

Modern world is a world trapped in screens. We work on screens. See the world through screens. We connect with the world on screens. Many of us perhaps spend more time with screens than with their family or friends! From computers to smartphones to televisions, there are plenty of screens around us to make us addicted to them.

However, screens that display advertisements or promotional materials aren’t so alluring. We see them in shops, malls, and various other commercial spaces. But we barely notice them, right? Wrong, if they happen to be gigantic VideoWalls arresting your attention by their mesmerizing display.

What is a VideoWall?

A VideoWall is  a matrix of many display panels put together to create a single large screen. All these display panels work together, showing different parts of the image to form a huge single visual. All these different panels are controlled by intricate technology to work together while displaying different parts of a single visual.

The largest VideoWall at present is in a Dubai mall (seen in the video above). It uses 820 OLED panels. Together, these 820 panels deliver a resolution of 1.7 billion pixels. This 50 Metres Wide and 14 Metres high display holds Guinness World Records for being the world’s largest VideoWall, World’s Highest Resolution Screen, and World’s Largest OLED display.

LG signage in Ambience Mall

In India, Gurugram’s Ambience Mall also boasts of having a big VideoWall. This LG signage in the Ambience mall is comprised of 70 OLED panels. Each of these panels is specially curved to give the whole installation a unique design.

Latest innovation in LG VideoWalls:

As already mentioned, a VideoWall uses a large number of display panels. Each of these panels must have the support of a sturdy frame to be able to bear the stress of the gigantic installation. But if the bezel is too thick, it creates prominent grid lines that interfere with the viewing pleasure.

On 11th October, 2018, in an event held in Delhi, LG Electronics unveiled VideoWall panels with world’s thinnest bezel yet. These SVH7E display panels have even bezel of only 0.44 mm! When put together, the bezel to bezel thickness comes to only 0.88 mm. So, the grid lines in the VideoWall are less than 1mm thick, leading to less gap in the whole image.

LG VideoWall SVH7E

SVH7E panels are Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Being OLED panels, they deliver superior picture quality with better blacks and a wider range of colours.  Equipped with WebOS 3.0+, they are capable of delivering 24/7 operations. SVH7E panels use IPS technology which enables them to deliver uniform picture quality at a wide viewing angle.

As of now, LG SVH7E display panels have the narrowest bezel in the world. Of course, these panels are not something that general public can use. SVH7E information display panels are for use by commercial spaces like malls, hotels, corporate offices, airports, museums etc. We, the common public, can only enjoy their mesmerizing display and marvel at their brilliant technology.

Jyoti Arora

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